Jamie made my first house selling experience such a smooth quick process. She is very knowledgeable and open to answering questions without making anyone feel stupid for asking them. I couldn't of asked for a better partner to find the right person to purchase my first home.

Heather H. | March 30, 2017

I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie on four real estate transactions. Each time Jamie was on top of all aspects of the transactions. She does her homework and will work hard to ensure you receive the best deal possible.

My wife and I live nearly 50 miles from Jamie, but the distance was never a problem. She maintains a positive attitude, even when the other party's representative failed to maintain professionalism. That is difficult to find in todays society.

If you are a prospective client, I promise you will not be disappointed in your experience with Jamie.

Russ C. | March 30, 2017

Yep, just bought a house.. I have to say Jamie Curtis has been sensational.. Not only did she put up with me for over a year (not easy) but honestly this deal wouldn't have happened without her. Her negotiating skills are top notch and I highly recommend her! She's been a great realtor and a great friend! Thank you Jamie.

Brett G. | March 29, 2017

As first time home buyers, the process seemed overwhelming and stressful. We didn't really have a clue as to what all to expect. Jamie helped to alleviate the stress and anxiety instantly and turned it into a very enjoyable experience, one that we truly looked forward to going through with her assistance. I commend her for being so available and gracious to us. There were several times when we called her at the last minute to see a house that we really liked and she always was there to accommodate. When it came time to get financing and all the inspections, surveys, etc., Jamie did not hesitate to offer suggestions and referrals to people that she's worked with before and felt comfortable with. She was always there to check in on us and keep us informed of documents needed or where the lender was in the process. Overall, we felt like Jamie went above and beyond the normal realtor duties and will be more than happy to refer our friends/family to her when they are in the market!

Michelle M. | February 28, 2017

I recently worked with Jamie while buying a new home. She was extremely responsive and helpful with all my questions as a new home buyer. I really enjoyed working with her and greatly appreciated her assistance and guidance through the buying process.

Ella R. | August 11, 2016

Jamie helped us find a new home while we were still in Colorado. She organized a list of homes for us to look at over one weekend when we would be in town. When we found something we liked later she went and saw it for us. She took videos, photos, and made notes based off what she already knew we liked and didn't like. When our loan was delayed she found us a way to make it work. She found us a great place to stay and made arrangement for our uhauls. I can't say thank you enough for all of your help Jamie!

Rebecca G. | January 5, 2016

Jamie is an amazing realtor. She is extremely organized, and is dedicated to making sure you find the perfect house. She is also very patient with picky husbands that need to see 48 houses before finding the right one.

Lindsay H. | July 28, 2015

Jamie worked hard on our case, searching Montgomery County for a suitable property and making suggestions along the way. She handled everything for us, dealing with the seller and title company and referring an inspector to make sure we were getting what we thought we were buying. I would recommend Jamie to anyone who needs a full-service realtor for either a buyer's or seller's representative, with confidence that she will treat them with the same level of professionalism with which she dealt with us! Well done!

Norman Y. | July 18, 2015

We really put a heavy load on Jamie! We started out looking for a home where we could be closer to our children & grandkids. Somewhere during that process, we took a complete U-turn. We decided to keep our current home and found a small, water--front condo 25 minutes from them! We use it as a vacation home and a rental property. Jamie worked tirelessly to make sure we had every question answered before making our decision. She was more concerned about our happiness, than making the small commission resulting from our purchase. That speaks volumes about her character and integrity. Loved working with her! Really appreciated her insight, and many helpful suggestions along the way!

Paula Y. | July 17, 2015

Jamie was a pleasure to work with. She was always 2 steps ahead of things. I couldn't believe I had 6 offers on the house within a day and a contract in 2. 
She went out of her way to help answer any questions I had and make this a great experience.

Shak M. | July 16, 2015